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About Buildupapps

Buildups Apps is a construction cost control software devised in order to control the cost of construction projects. The software consists of a mobile application and a web portal for handy usage.

After researching the pain points of 100s of construction companies, SITE found that 40% of construction cost goes unaccounted for. In that 30% of the cost is compromised in quality and other wages by many companies.

SITE aims at reducing this 40% of the cost through Buildups Apps. The app uses several cost control systems and features that are specifically targeted for construction projects. Take a look at the features of the app. 


We aim to help the construction industry control their costs by reducing the manual work, bridging the communication gap across various departments, tracking and controlling the work progress and reducing the operation cost.

 From our study, we found that 40% of the construction cost is unaccounted and in that, 30% of the cost is compromised in quality and wages. Buildups Apps focuses on saving this unwanted default in cost of 40%.

There are several construction cost control applications that focus on helping an organization’s top management to monitor and control their cost. These applications are accessible only to the top level of the management hierarchy. But according to our research, the 40% cost default occurs at the functional level (lowest level of hierarchy) i.e., at the site execution.

So, SITE developed Buildups Apps, that has software for the in-house team and a mobile application for the execution team. By this, the 40% cost default at site level could be eliminated and profit margin could be increased by 25%.

We achieve this by

1.       Digitalizing the data.

Our software eliminates manual errors by digitalizing every data and storing them in its encrypted database. Also, it helps monitor the health of projects by collecting information from key areas of an organization like financial details, work progress, billing etc. and showcasing them in a single place.  

2.       Improving the work ecosystem

Buildups Apps focuses on creating a straightforward workflow and making communication easier across various departments. By this any particular information shared will be conveyed without losing its originality.

3.       Being Economical

 Buildups Apps is designed in a way to increase profit margin. Hence the software comes at a pocket-friendly price and is project basis. Once implemented, the operational cost can be reduced tremendously in the long run.

4.       Tracking in Real-time

The work progress can be updated through the mobile app, which will be captured in the database instantly.  This can be accessed by management to monitor the progress of the project and make the necessary plans. 


1.       Cost Control

Buildups Apps is designed in a way to control the cost of construction projects by eliminating human errors. The app integrates the Bill of Quantity with the actual progress. By this, when the site engineer enters the real-time progress, subcontractor bill is auto-generated.

Also for a particular work, site engineers can’t enter quantities more than that of BOQ. This helps in the prevention of any excess cost to the subcontractor. Thus subcontractor bill is generated in sync with real-time progress, which saves time and reworks. 

2.       Inventory Management

Inventory consists of items that are consumed in a very short time. To complete a project on time, the flow of inventory should be smooth without any intervention. This is why many companies store the required materials on site.

Sometimes, keeping track of the inward and outward movements of inventory could become a problem. Buildups Apps help in keeping track of these items. So whenever a new material comes into the store or the existing material is used up for the execution works, an entry can be made through the app. This helps in keeping track of materials easily.

3.       Labor Management

Labor Management is an important factor that many big companies concentrate on. It is very important to pay attention to the labors you have, to utilize their maximum potential. In many sites, labors are not managed properly resulting in idle labors. This could increase the organization’s cost.

Thus SITE took this into consideration and improvised labor management in its Buildups Apps. By this, the number of labors available on a particular day is tracked and work is allocated to everyone to eliminate idling.

4.       Document Management

In a construction project, there are many documents used like drawings, Contracts, Statement of works, BOQ, etc. These documents should be stored and organized in an order, for easy reference in the future.

Buildups Apps help in storing these documents date wise. Hence when needed these documents can be viewed anytime with ease. The drawings can be viewed using the mobile application too. This helps in reducing the time taken to finalize a drawing and implementing it on site.

5.       Equipment Management

Equipments play a major role in each phase of a construction project. Excavators, Backhoe, Bulldozers etc. should be available and maintained properly for seamless work. Equipments not available during a task is a major bottleneck in construction projects.

Buildups Apps helps in keeping track of these equipments. By this, the availability of equipment will be known to the execution team in advance. This helps in planning necessary changes if needed. Also, the condition of particular equipment can be updated through the app. This helps in keeping tab of the maintenance schedule.

6.       Quality Management

A quality test is taken during many stages of construction. These tests help engineers determine the quality of an item and identify any problems that could occur in advance. The quality should meet a minimum benchmark in order for it to be used in a project.

Many times, construction projects fail to keep their quality in check resulting in the failure of buildings. This is because quality tests are not performed and documented properly. With Buildups Apps, the number of quality tests to be made is recorded. Once the tests are done, the in-charge can update it in the app for management’s notice. By this, the tests not done can be monitored and necessary actions could be taken.  

7.       Quantity Management

Quantity control and management are done to check if the obligation by a particular subcontractor if fulfilled or not. This helps in preventing any disputes with them in the long run. Also, this helps in generating error-free subcontractor bills.

Buildups Apps stores the Bill of Quantities. And when a subcontractor completes a task, it is updated in the app. By this, any pending work by the subcontractor comes into notice of the management. This helps them to find the amount of work done and time taken by the subcontractor with respect to the BOQ and schedule.

8.       Safety Management

A construction site should be a safe place for labors to work in. Safety protocols, policies, principles, and frameworks should be followed to ensure a safe site. Though this is an important aspect, often it is overlooked by many construction companies. The loss due to safety defaults has a greater impact and is irreplaceable.

Buildups Apps helps in keeping records of these protocols. By this, safety officials could easily monitor if those protocols are followed during execution. This could help in preventing accidents of any sort from happening at the site.

9.     Financial Management

It is important to keep tabs on the financial aspects of the project like expense, profit, credit, debit, wages, etc., to maintain a healthy project. Managing the finances of an organization by analyzing cash inflow and outflow helps in making a decision for future businesses. 

Buildups Apps helps in easily recording the cash flow for a project. Every minute expenses like wages, overheads, can be recorded using the app for getting the complete details of the finance part. By analyzing this, organizations could make strategic plans for their upcoming projects. 

10   Real-time progress tracking

Tracking the progress of a project and updating them to clients regularly, not only shows your commitment but also helps you to monitor the phase of the project. Any deviations from the schedule can be found out if projects are tracked in real-time. By this, the root cause for variations can be easily sorted out and necessary steps can be taken.  

Buildups Apps helps in tracking the progress of a project in real-time. Using the mobile app, site engineers can update the progress on the go. This data will be reflected in a dashboard, that can be viewed by the top management anytime.




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