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Drawings are the core of any construction projects. It communicates the technical aspects of the project in a common and easy to understand language. Without a proper drawing or any delay in the approval of the same could result in project halt.  


The design team may not be present at the site while the execution team implements the drawing on-filed. This could cause lots of confusions like, wrongly interpreting the drawings, referring the unapproved drawings for execution and so on. Any error that’s occurring here would demand rework, which would cost you time and money.


Reducing the communication gaps between your two teams wouldbe the best solution for this pain point. The drawings must be lucid and orderly organizedso that the execution team knows exactly what the drawings mean and which ones to use.

Our software at Sharah Infotech addresses this by introducing a mobile application for the execution team and a web portal for the design and in-house team. By this, the drawings can be uploaded through the portal which can be accessed by the execution team through the app and work accordingly. 


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