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As a construction firm, you shouldn’t let even the minute happenings in your project slip away from you. This includes work progress, financial details, employee status, inventory availability, workforce availability and much more. These details are important to analyze the strength of your projects. Only if you’re tracking these key areas, you would get to know if your project is running as per plan or if there are any deviations. 


i)                    Tracking these key areas could become a drag, without having proper methods to do it. Actual work progress may be different than the progress report submitted to the in-house team.

ii)                   Contactor bills, material bills, salaries for employees, office rent and other expenses don’t have a common platform to track its inflow and outflow.


A tool that can track all the key areas in one place, could save you time and avoid unwanted expenditures. Our services are the one-stop solution for tracking all these. We store every detail in its encrypted database. This helps in tracking the work progress, updating the latest development in projects and make a strategic plan. Above all this, the entire details are available at a single place, making it easier for you to track it. 


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