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In this digital era, software plays a major role in everything including construction companies. Software when used effectively increases your company’s overall performance by reducing expenses and increasing profit. In the present scenario, the use of the software by firms is not an add-on, but a necessity itself.


Many top players in construction use software, but is accessible only by its top hierarchy staffs. The teams in the functional division like designing, site execution are not provided with any software, making it difficult for them to cope with the management’s expectations. This would result in overtime and burnouts for lower hierarchy teams.


A software that can be used by every hierarchy employee can double the efficiency of your projects. It can help people at the site to show progress and communicate easily to top management. And that’s why Sharah offers service by providing a web portal to the in-house team and a mobile app to the site team.

By this, the progress of work can be updated through the app on the go, and top management can track it in real-time. This helps in cutting down expenses and increasing the productivity of employees. 


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