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Billing is how your employees, subcontractors, vendors, and other stakeholders get paid. It is a very important part of the financial health of your organization. Hence, accurate billing is needed so that both you and your stakeholders don’t lose any extra money. An error-free and on-time payment to your stakeholders increases your reputation and credibility.


i)                    Most of the billings are done manually, that results in the wrong calculation of invoice.

ii)                   Billing the cycle could be missed due to negligence or improper tracking.

iii)                 Some bills maybe missed if you have too many subcontractors.


To make an error-free billing, the work progress by subcontractors should be tracked simultaneously against the prepared BOQ. This gives your organization a clear view of how much you owe your subcontractors.

Our software is created with an automated billing system, which tracks the progress of subcontractors updated by the site team and calculates it with BOQ. This makes the invoice error-free by eliminating any sorts of human intervention. Extra quantities can’t be booked at the site, as the app won’t allow quantities to exceed BOQ, without approval by the In-charge. 


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