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Feedback is valuable information, that helps you with your decision making. It gives you an idea of how clients and employees perceive your organization and what steps you could enhance to make it a better place. It is an effective listening process, that can gain a reputation for your company. Also, working on feedback may motivate your employees, as it shows your care for them.


i)                    Customers don’t wish to spend time to fill long feedback. This may give you false results. Getting false feedback is more dangerous than no feedback at all.

ii)                   Agree or not, most feedback is boring and monotonous. This may lead people to fill it in haste which again leads to false data.


We’ve got this covered too. Our software has got a feedback section, that can be filled both by clients and employees. The section is designed in such a way that people won’t find it boring. Also, the questions are short and crisp, making it easier for them to fill.

The feedback collected is stored in the database, which can be accessed later by the top management and worked on. Following-up on feedback is a great way to increase your organization’s shortcomings. 


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